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The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.
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  DOD Slashes Army Man Power The US Defense Secretary under pressure from the Obama administration wants to cut from the current 522,000 Army soldiers to a little less than 450,000. This would mean that the US Army manpower will be at the same size as it was in World War II. Department of Defense secretary, Chuck Hagel, is proposing to shrink the Army rosters along with closing Army bases. However, General Ray Odierno, the Army chief of staff, mentioned “many have the misperception that the Army is no longer busy. People tend to think that the Army is out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and that there is not much going on.” Many are left to wonder if our global military readiness will be strong Full Story
  4 Dead-On Rules For Anyone Wanting To Become A Navy SEAL Why is it that many try, but only a few succeed at any given worthwhile endeavor? Is it because some are smarter? Heck no… I know many millionaires who were insanely thrilled to graduate with a C average. Could it be that a few are stronger with real natural talent? Don’t think so, aor they would simply wrap a tape measure around the biceps of every BUDS trainee (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training in Coronado, CA) and quickly pin the SEAL trident on every prospect who qualifies.
After having what most men would consider secular success and graduating BUDS, I’d like to offer my two cents like so many have long before me.
Dead-On Rule #1: Full Story
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The U.S. Navy employs many able bodied brilliant men and women. Currently 345,000 personnel are on active duty and 145,000 people are in the Ready Reserve occupying about 278 ship.
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