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Overview & Benefits

Navy recruitment
can offer great benefits, knowledge and a chance
to make some of the best friends you will ever
meet. There are many incentives that the military
offers soldiers, as well as assistance that
can help years after enlistment. Here are just
a few of the military benefits that are well
known, and can provide security for the future:

Enlistment Bonus

Offers bonuses to recruits who fill jobs that
are needed by the service

Depending on the branch, the maximum bonus may

Some services will also give an additional bonus
for joining boot camp within a certain time

Most often bonus is paid in lump sum, but can
also be paid in annual payments
College Fund

Some services offer a college fund to soldier
who fill spots within jobs that are hard to fill

This fund is in addition to the Montgomery G.I.
College Loan Repayment Program

Basically repays all or part of a college loan
in return for enlistment

Loans that can be paid include: Stafford Student
Loan, Perkins Loan and Federally Insured Student
Loans, among others

Buddy Program

Allows 2 or more individuals of the same sex
to enlist together, and also go through basic
training together. If the soldiers have the same
job, they are also able to go through that respective
training together, and in some cases can even
assure the soldiers that they will be assigned
to their first station together.

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The United States Navy can help with a variety
of incentives or bonuses, no matter where you
are in life. There are many educational benefits
that can be taken advantage of including:

Earning money for college

Getting a degree in the Navy

Paying off student loans

Learning valuable life and career skills

Earning advanced degrees

The Navy places importance on education,
and expects all recruits to have at least
a high
school diploma and Navy Officers to have a college degree. Since the Navy encourages all Navy recruits
to get a higher education, they are willing
to provide money for advanced schooling and
pay off existing loans.

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