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Mapping the Course: Planning

To some, the Navy
is a life-long career filled with benefits,
job skills and showing leadership and to others
it is the perks of the job like money for college,
a chance to live around the world, and learn
skills that can help later in life. No matter
what length of time you are going into the
Navy, it is a good idea to plan a strategy
to help you get the most out of your service.
There are many questions you should ask yourself,
and see which ones are most important.

Anyone interested in a US Navy job should do research on which service they would be best at, and which ones can help them in the future. Learning ahead of time which qualifications or test scores are needed can help a soldier get ahead faster, as well as help them in being prepared for promotions or number one choice jobs. Some US Navy jobs require an advanced education, so obtaining it before joining the military can have great advantages. When sitting down and coming up with a military career strategy, no matter what length of time it may be, there are a few questions that should be answered:

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the Requirements

Think about your reasons for the military.
It is not for everyone, and starting out may
harder than you thought. Being willing to start
from the bottom and
working up in pay, moving whenever you are ordered to, and knowing what you are
signing up for are all important things to think about when mapping the course
of action.

Being in the military can mean you are transferred
at a moment’s
notice. Some soldiers spend their entire contract on one base, while others
move around
the world. Does your job require you to travel? Moving around can be hard on
a family, so deciding your future does not only depend on what you are doing,
but also those around you.

No matter what service you are joining, it
is important that you understand the living
conditions you may be under. In the Navy, spending
much of your
time on
a submarine or aircraft carrier can be a possibility. Make sure you can handle
these situations, since you are unable to quit if they are hard to deal with.

When signing up for a US Navy jobs, it
is important to think about future
goals. Do you want to reach a higher level? Many jobs require an education,
so it is important to see what you need to do to achieve these goals.

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