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Navy opportunities include receiving money for an education, being promoted, learning valuable job skills for the future, or obtaining any of the retirement benefits that a soldier is entitled to when they have served their country. Depending on the different levels of service a soldier has done, opportunities can vary. Here are a few examples of how ranks,
promotions or education can get you the best
military opportunities:

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Enlisted Personnel:

  • Primary workforce
  • Start at lowest rank and work towards advancement
  • Preferred to have a high school diploma
  • Time, good service and advanced education can
    entitle a soldier to promotions

Reserve Service:

  • Work part time, drill one weekend
    per month and two weeks per year
  • Attend basic training and receive job training
  • After training can return to civilian life, aside
    from drills with their respective unit
  • After 20 years and by age 60, reservists can
    receive retirement based on reserve pay

Regular Service:

  • Sent to basic training, and then
    special job training schools
  • After training, they are assigned to a unit or
  • After 20 years, they are eligible for military


  • Must have a four-year college education
    from an accredited school
  • Joining a program that can lead to becoming an
  • Begin at a supervisory ranking

Attending a Military Academy:

  • ROTC (Reserve Officer Training
  • Officer Candidate Schools can provide leadership
    skills needed for advancement

There are many different ways a soldier can
receive opportunities for doing their job well,
and putting in the time and dedication. Using
the benefits can also make life better as a
civilian, with the educational assistance as
well as job skills and training.


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