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Today’s military is one of the nation’s largest providers of full time scholarship funds!  Military college scholarships allow you to attend school full time while either deferring your military commitment until graduation or by participating in a reserve or National Guard organization while in school.

Active Duty Programs:
Every branch of the service offers some kind of Military college scholarship program. These programs change often and have specific qualification requirements. Check with your recruiter for the details!

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By joining any branch of the military you may
qualify for a wide range of educational benefits
but they all have this is common:

Montgomery G. I. Bill:
Through the Montgomery GI Bill, you can qualify
for money for college at any two or four-year
college, vocational school, or correspondence
course. With Active Duty, you commit to full-time
duty (usually for four years but there are also
2, 3 and 6-year programs) with one branch of
the military. While serving, you can qualify
for college money by contributing $100 per month
for 12 months ($1,200 total) through payroll
deduction. You are then eligible for $536 a
month for 36 months for a total of $19,296!
(four year program) You can use this money as
a part-time student while serving, or as a full-time
student when your duty is completed.

Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC):
The Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines offer
these programs at select colleges and universities
throughout the country. If you qualify, the
ROTC program offers a unique college experience!
During the first two years you can attend ROTC
classes, such as military science, and participate
in training activities, all with no obligation!

During the your junior and senior years, you may receive a full ride Military college scholarship, including tuition, books, board and other expenses! This, of course, requires a commitment to serve as an officer for a minimum of three years after graduation.

Service Specific Programs:
There may be many other programs available.
The Army offers a College First program and
the Coast Guard has the CSPI program, for example.
Check with the recruiters for full details!

Montgomery GI Bill:
The RESERVE component of the MGIB allows you
to serve in the military branch of your choice
on a part-time basis (usually two weeks a year
and one weekend per month for six years). During
that time, you can earn up to $9,180.00 in total
benefits. Unlike Active Duty, the Reserve does
not require you to contribute any money to your
benefits. You become eligible for up to $255
a month for up to 36 months after you complete
basic and technical training. And you can attend
class full-time while you serve!

The Army and Air National Guard requires the
same commitment of time (six years) as the Reserve
and provides the same amount of college money
(up to $9,180) but may also entitle you to additional
state money for college. You may even be eligible
for up to full tuition some state schools!

College Funds:
If you qualify for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps
of Coast Guard College Fund Programs, You could
receive as much as $50,000 when combined with
the Montgomery GI Bill!

Community College:
The Community College of the Air Force, an accredited
two-year college, offers more that 70 associate
degree programs in scientific and technical
fields, free of charge for Air Force enlisted

Tuition Assistance:
Most branches offer a tuition assistance program
in which you may be reimbursed up to 75% of
any tuition you pay. This may also apply to
your spouse and children!

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