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Officers in the Navy will have access to the services and products at the Navy Exchange.  The Navy Exchange offers discounts and specials exclusively to naval officers that can’t be matched in civilian establishments.  The Navy Exchange is usually run by civilian employees who are closely monitored and cleared to work within the walls of the military base to ensure the safety of officers and their families.

What is the Navy Exchange

The Navy Exchange is a collection of establishments offering products, goods or services on the naval bases.  Picture a large shopping center located on the naval base, but with better discounts to allow your paycheck to go further than it would have at a civilian grocery store or shopping mall.

Who Can Shop at the Navy Exchange

The Navy Exchange is not only available for Naval Officers; additional authorized patrons can benefit from the services at the Navy Exchange with proper identification.

  • All active duty service members and their dependents.  While a service member is away from home, the dependents still has access to the navy exchange.
  • Medal of Honor recipients and their dependents
  • Reserves and their dependents
  • Retirees of the military (who are receiving military retirement pay) and their dependents
  • US citizens who are employees of the exchange
  • Retirees of the Navy exchange who offered more than 20 years of service at the exchange before retirement
  • Veterans and their dependents, if the veteran was honorably discharged due to a disability acquired while serving
  • Red Cross members with duty in the military
  • Commissioned officers of Public Health and NOAA

Wish you could shop at the Navy Exchange?  Consider joining the Navy! Fill out this form to learn more.


What Does the Navy Exchange Offer

The exchange offers brands and products everyone is familiar with.  The Navy Exchange brings the comforts of home to Naval officers stationed in America and on bases abroad.

Naval officers and their families have access to necessities for home and duty.


  • Uniforms- Officers will be able to purchase everything they need for their naval attire.
  • Navy apparel and accessories- Show your Navy pride with Navy apparel, lounge wear and accessories.
  • School supplies- Notebooks, pens, paper, pencils are available for officers sending their children off to school.
  • Housewares- Kitchen decor and home furnishings are available for purchase
  • Men, women, and kid’s apparel and accessories– All your clothing and the latest designer accessories can be purchased.
  • Shoes- Men, women and children will find shoes for any event, working out and casual outings.
  • Electronics- The latest computers, game consoles, televisions and other premium electronics are available at dramatically lower prices than any electronics store.


How to Visit the Exchange


The Navy Exchange is easy accessible to Naval soldiers and their families.

  • Online- The exchange offers secure ordering online.  Authorized patrons can rest assure knowing their information is secure.  You need special security clearance just to access the products on the website.
  • U.S. naval bases- Exchanges are easily accessible by naval officers and their families on base.
  • Bases abroad- The exchange can be found in select countries worldwide where naval officers may be stationed for an extended time.

Want to learn more about a Navy career?  Fill out this form and find out if you are eligible.

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  1. Michael Muetzel   November 7, 2014 at 4:50 am

    “The Navy Exchange is easy accessible to Naval soldiers and their families.”

    Naval soldiers? Soldiers? I thought we’re SAILORS!

    CDR M.P. Muetzel, United States Navy, Retired

  2. Barry Thurston   March 7, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    Great shopping at the NEX. Just an info sales paper would be great.

  3. John   May 22, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    If you have a card froom working at the navy exchange you can get military benefits at lowes,home depot, movie theatres and all mwr , bowling , gym for life. You do not need to serve the military to get these benefits.

  4. William Shaw   March 17, 2018 at 2:02 am

    Please change my address from 5619 James C Johnson Jacksonville Florida to 6874 Clinton Corners Dr. West Jacksonville Florida 32222. Than you for service of the Magazine with all the savings and scratch off

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    Sorry, we do not mail out any magazine. Best to you. Larry

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