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Military Officer Training

An Overview of Officer Enlistment Programs

If your goal in the military
is to become an Officer, doing research on
the many different schools and Military Officer training academies can
prove to be beneficial.

Military Academy Preparatory Schools

These schools can be used to strengthen a candidate’s
education, as well as give a brief insight
to life in the military. This can be a great
step in deciding whether the military is
right for you, and if being an Officer is
a future
goal. All branches of the military have some
form of Military Prep School, so be sure
to check for the one you are interested in.

You’re just a click away from more information about serving in the US Navy.

Military Academies

Academies can not only
provide the best college education, but they
also train young soldiers
to be great leaders. Many great military
leaders have come from academies, and being accepted
to one is of honor. Getting into an academy
can be extremely difficult, and also nominations
are needed for acceptance. The Coast Guard
is an exception however, they select soldiers on

Once a soldier is accepted to an academy,
they receive full benefits as well as a
free education.

  • Army: U.S. Military Academy at West Point
    New York
  • Navy and Marines: U.S. Naval Academy
    at Annapolis, Maryland
  • Air Force: U.S. Air Force Academy at
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Coast Guard: U.S. Coast Guard Academy
    at New London, Connecticut

Officer Candidate School or Training School

  • Program for college students with no military
    experience to train to become officers
  • Lasts
    an intensive 20 weeks, and candidates become

Direct Commission

  • Similar to OCS/OTS, candidates
    are trained in professional fields like medical,
    engineering or religious careers.
  • Are not required to be part of a full schedule
    of military training

There are many ways to become an Military Officer,
each taking the dedication and education to
complete training and provide leadership.


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