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Speaking Freedom: Navy Linguists

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Speaking Freedom: Navy Linguists

Go To Dental School On The Navys DimeSome people just pick up languages easily and enjoy learning them. If your friends and family are in awe of how quickly you picked up Spanish on spring break to Mexico or how just watching a movie with subtitles taught you a few Japanese catch phrases, you may have a future as a linguist. As United States interests spread across the globe, the United States Navy is protecting them, and that requires people who know the language. The best news is they’re even willing to train you at their expense.

As a Navy linguist, you may be part of intelligence, special operations or translations. You may be working with top secret documents or translating in face-to-face meetings. Not only interesting and challenging—a Navy linguist’s career is also rewarding.

Speaking The Cultural Language

Using the wrong inflection in your voice or making a literal translation can lead to the complete breakdown of communication. It’s not enough to know the language—you have to know the people. That’s why when you learn a language in the United States Navy, you’ll also learn the culture. When you’re aiding in negotiations or reviewing top secret intelligence reports, there’s no room for miscommunication. That’s why the Navy will be sure you learn the nuances of your language along with the culture of the people who speak that language.

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If you’re already fluent in a language besides English, of course you’d be a great candidate for the Navy linguist program, but you don’t have to have any language experience. The Navy will provide you will all of the training you need, in addition to a steady paycheck while you learn. On top of that income, you’ll also receive housing, healthcare and other benefits for both you and your family. When you leave the Navy, you’ll be armed with marketable skills that will translate in the civilian sector.

It’s Not Just A Job

As a sailor in the United States Navy, you’ll also be part of a great team. Military camaraderie is something that is more easily experienced than described. You and your family will find that the Navy is more than just a career – it’s a community. Being a member of the Navy means being able to take advantage of all the amenities that a base has to offer, but more importantly, it’s becoming part of an extended family. The Navy looks out for its own.

A Player On The Global Playing Field

The evidence is all around you. American companies are doing business with the Chinese. Hollywood superstars are making humanitarian trips to third-world countries. The United States interests expand beyond our geographical borders, and so too, does the job of the United States Navy. A critical part of Navy mission success is open communication between our nation and the others of the world. That communication isn’t possible without the diligent efforts of men and women who serve their country as linguists. Navy linguists may find themselves in the field translating sensitive meetings. You may spend hours poring over classified documents. The missions are as varied as the sailors who will be asked to perform them. The one certainty, however, is that you’ll be serving your nation in a way that you can hold your head high and walk a little taller. With every word you translate and every sentence you interpret, you’re protecting the freedoms of the United States of America.

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