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Looking for a way to
earn lifetime benefits, protect your country
and travel the world all at the same time?
The United States Navy not only offers valuable
skills and training to enhance the future of
a soldier, it also provides the opportunity
to see different countries and build a bond
with other sailors over the course of service.
Here is how the United States Navy can affect
your life:

Getting Started
After visiting a Navy recruiter, you have a
checklist of what you can expect from service
in the Navy.
This can include information on Navy career options
and other requirements in being admitted to the
Navy. Every soldier must meet requirements on,
among others:




Drug/Alcohol Policies

Medical/Legal/Moral Standards

After completing the requirements, each soldier
is sent to MEPS, or Military Entrance Processing
Station, where the aptitude test or ASVAB is
taken. The Navy also offers a Delayed Entry Program
(DEP), which can allow a soldier to finish paperwork
and be processed in, but not report for active
duty up to one year later.

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What to Expect
During your time in the Navy, you can expect
to learn valuable life skills, as well as learn
how to work as a team. Learning to become a soldier
takes place in Boot Camp, which lasts 8 weeks.
After Boot Camp, each soldier begins to learn
skills based on their chosen Navy career path. During
your time in the Navy, you can also expect to
see many different locations around the world
and experience firsthand all of the different
cultures around the globe. The Navy will instill
the Core Values, which are Honor, Courage, and
Commitment, into each and every soldier so that
character and confidence can be built, and teamwork
becomes instinct.

After Life in the Navy
Once your contract is up, you have a few options
to choose from. If you decide that staying in
the Navy is the best thing for you or you just
miss life as a sailor, re-enlisting or joining
the reserves can be a great option. By joining
the Navy reserve, you can:
• Receive a Sign on Bonus
• Use the GI Bill for college
• Learn new skills for the future
• Earn points toward a retirement
• Gain low cost insurance
To re-enlist as an Active Duty soldier in the
Navy, you can:
• Receive re-enlistment bonuses
• Learn new skills for advancement
• Continue to earn money for college
• Increase benefits for the future

The US Navy offers several ways to help high
school students pay college expenses. Those
making good grades and involved in extracurricular
activities may qualify for the US Naval Reserve
Officer Training Corps. (NROTC) scholarships
or be nominated for the US Naval Academy.

The NROTC Program was established to educate
and train qualified young men and women for
Navy Jobs as commissioned officers in the
unrestricted line Naval Reserve or Marine Corps
Reserve. As the largest single source of Navy
and Marine Corps officers, the NROTC Scholarship
Program plays an important role in preparing
mature young men and women for leadership and
US Navy management Jobs in an increasingly technical
Navy and Marine Corps.

Navy career enlistment requires that all
new recruits complete basic training, or boot
camp. This is an 8 week program that takes place
in Great Lakes, Illinois. Once finished with
boot camp program, you will find that you are
a physically strong sailor boasting skills that
will see you through the rest of your life.


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